Search Engine Marketing

You’ve probably heard of Google Ads before (it used to be called AdWords)

Google Ads offers a way to reach and persuade potential clients helping you Increase Sales and Drive More Business When people are searching for products or services like yours.

Search Engine Marketing can work for almost any type of business. But it requires time, knowledge and money, and if not done right, it can easily take your money and you don’t get anything in return, fortunately, Google Ads offers ways to measure ROI, unlike traditional marketing channels.

Note that we’re not advocating that you do SEM instead of other marketing activities. On the contrary, Search Engine Marketing Campaigns are designed to expand your existing business into the Digital Space.

If you’ve never used Google Ads before or if you’re wondering whether or not is a worthy investment, consider this:


    SEM is Way Faster Than SEO (Organic Results)


    You Can Beat Your Competitors


    Google is in Everyone’s Pocket

Grow your business

How does SEM help you?

Place your ads in front of a targeted audience

The effectiveness of AdWords ads lies in the methodology used to segment the market. With AdWords, your website will receive traffic only from people who are interested in acquiring their services.

It’s all about quality traffic.

The results offered by the Google Ads advertising service are so effective that you can place your ad on the first pages of Google searches, from the first days of the launch of the campaign.

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

Contrary to other traditional advertising methods, advertising through Google Ads allows you to analyze the behavior of your campaign AT ALL times. This way you will know if people are responding positively to your ad and most importantly if you are investing your money correctly.

Get to know how to beat your competition!

If you own a local business and you start exploring the AdWords world, while your competition still has no clue what AdWords is, that places you ahead of the competition. Ultimately you are attracting most of the potential customers towards your business. In the case of your competition also having a campaign, AdWords will let you analyze your campaign in order to improve it or to see if you need to take a different course of action.

Grow your business

How does SEM help you?

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    Structure your campaigns
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    Research your keywords
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    Market Research
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    Use optimized landing pages
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    Track calls and conversions
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    Create your Ads
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    Carefully manage your bids
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    Manage negative keywords
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    Analyze reports on campaigns
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    Split test and optimize

OrbitWeb was established in 2017, offering professional website development and advertising campaigns on the most popular platforms. The projects we develop are customized to represent your organization online. Our developers create unbreakable reliable websites and web applications that are fully search engine optimized. Our campaigns are backed by data and managed by experienced PPC managers.

Our SEO team is dedicated to providing your organization with a road map to getting the organic results you need. We are here to be your ground control in the digital marketing space.

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