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Rigo Guadron / November 30, 2018

I often come across people who ask me about how I’m acquiring new clients, and the answer to this question has been continuously evolving along with my business, in the earlier stages of my business I had to perform a lot of heavy lifting in order to get the word out and get people to contact me, as time has passed by my marketing efforts have been focused 100% online and my solutions are focus on helping local businesses get more leads and sales using Google & their websites.

In my experience I’ve come to realize most people still wonder about the differences between Traditional Marketing Vs digital Marketing and whether it make sense to adopt the new way business are driving more revenue.

So I’ve collected some notes from my experience as well as other information available online about advantages and disadvantages of Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.

So here you go:

Traditional Marketing


Reach: You can reach consumers that do not necessarily utilize the internet (old school folks)

Face to Face Contact: Personalized marketing is considered to be one of the best strategies and the most efficient method to gain recognition as a brand and product.

Material Offers: Traditional Marketing offers tangibility – this refers to ads or products that clients could come to contact in during their free time, like a magazine ad for example.

Product Testing: Depending on the product, traditional marketing can offer product testing and through this method, prove its quality.


Expensive: Purchasing television, radio, or printed ads tends to be too expensive for both small and mid-sized businesses.

Inefficiency: Unlike Online Marketing, it is quite difficult to measure the conversion rate of your ads through traditional marketing, which makes it difficult to have a good understanding of the efficiency of your ads and the results they offer.

Forced Strategy: This type of marketing strategy is known to be a forced method of selling a product since the consumer is not necessarily seeking your product in the first place.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing is divided into three fundamental aspects which are an online presence, traffic attraction, and traffic conversion. Online presence is established through social media and a website which will provide a professional profile and at the same time give your potential customer confidence in your services. Traffic attraction is done through mediums of publicity like Google, Facebook or through Local SEO strategies for your website, and through these strategies you achieve conversion. In contrary to traditional marketing, digital publicity or Local SEO captures the attention of consumers who are actually searching for your service or product.


Cost Efficient: Digital Marketing achieves results for only a fraction of the traditional marketing costs

Efficiency in Results: With Online Marketing you can adjust your marketing strategy based on the results obtained. Online marketing allows for you to view exact results such as the number of page visits, links clicked, time your page was visited, call tracking, and even footage of what the consumer did while visiting your site and all to analyze where the interest of the consumer was captured or lost.

Specific Marketing: Online Marketing can be precise in selling to a particular group of clients. You can direct your marketing strategies to specific cities provinces, and even postal codes.

Social: The number one way to socialize in today’s society is through social media. With online marketing, you have the advantage of socializing with groups or individuals.

Competition: Differing from traditional, online marketing can compete with big businesses and even popular brands.


Time: Online Marketing can be quite complex and which is why it demands time and dedication. For the realization of content, posts, and the overall administration of the page, one must dedicate some time. Of course, this disadvantage could be eliminated with professional assistance like the one we offer at OrbitWeb

Trust: Inevitably, some page visitors always have doubts about certain services and products but the good news is that this advantage can also be eliminated through placing testimonials on your page, credentials, certificates, having a portfolio, and more.

Browse around the internet you will see a common infographic comparing Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing, although I can’t tell with certainty the cost of Traditional Marketing, if you’re currently investing in traditional marketing you probably know this better than me, but for Digital Marketing we have conducted or own benchmarks and we can confirm this is indeed possible, and in some cases at an even lower cost.

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