Blog: PPC Management – Should I Hire A Google Ads Manager?

Rigo Guadron / December 15, 2021

Do you run your own Google Ads?

Do you have time to regularly manage, optimize, and review your Google ads campaigns?

While Google Ads are accessible to everyone with a Google account, running an ad campaign takes skill, effort, and time. A successful ad campaign must be carefully planned and executed to get the desired results while staying within your budget.

A Google Ads manager is an expert who can assist you with running your ads. A Google Ads manager will set up your advertising campaign according to the specifics and update and test new ad copy, add new keywords, add new negative keywords, review search terms, and many other items that lead to a successful Google Ads campaign.

When should you consider hiring a Google Ads manager?

As a business owner, your day is probably full of running and managing your business. Having a Google Ads Manager to handle this part of your business can allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Here are two reasons for considering working with a Google Ads Manager:

  • Lack of time: When your time is essential in your business. Marketing activities are often put on the back burner until they become necessary. When hiring an ads manager, you are paying for someone to actively work on your campaign to bring in new leads and save you money by preventing expensive and wasted clicks that can drain your budget.
  • Skills are maxed out: Have you hit a plateau running your own Google Ads Manager? It can be frustrating to see a lack of leads and phone calls. An experienced Google Ads Manager will offer a new perspective on your account and provide additional skills and tricks to help you save money and drive new leads.

How to Pick the Right Google Ads Manager?

There are several things to consider when choosing the proper Google Ads Manager.

Our seasoned Google Ads Strategist at OrbitWeb drafted four questions to help you find the right fit.

How much do their services cost, and how do you bill your services? It’s essential to ask a Google Ads Manager because some take a percentage of the ad budget while others charge a monthly fee.

1. How often will they review and optimize a campaign? Ongoing optimization is essential; therefore, your account should be checked and regularly optimized.

2. How often and in what format will you present reports? An excellent Google Ads Manager will offer full access to your account and provide a regular report of work being done with account data on how your campaign performs.

3. Does the Google Ad Manager specialize in your industry or have a similar experience? It’s a good idea to see if the manager has experience in your industry or working with similar clients in your industry.

These questions serve as a base. There could be more questions you’d like to ask that pertain to your industry.

What are some things to avoid when looking for a Google Ads Manager?

  • Does the manager give you full access to your campaign, or do you only get to see some of the data on your monthly reports? If a Google Ads Manager does not give you full access to your campaign, take this as a red flag.
  • Are they spending your entire budget each month, or are they coming up short? You should see precisely how much money the whole campaign is spending daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Are they focused on lead generation? Managers who focus on clicks and impressions do not have your best interest in mind. A great Google Ads Manager should be focused on conversions, lead generation, calls, contact form submissions, and anything that will make you money. Make your intentions and goals known when speaking with your manager.
  • What are the setup and monthly fees? Google Ads can provide quick results, but if your prospective Google Ads Manager is charging a high upfront cost and a low monthly fee, they will probably not give your campaigns the ongoing attention they deserve. Beware of many Google Ad agencies that dump a massive list of keywords into your ad groups, set up a few ads, and then move on. Although this is not always the case, make sure you are clear with your Google Ads Manager of your expectations. Keep in mind anyone with a base knowledge of Google Ads can get you clicks and impressions in a very short amount of time. Still, only quality Google Ads Managers will be able to build you a solid campaign that will drive quality leads to your business.

Why does OrbitWeb use the term Google Ads Strategist rather than Google Ads Manager?

A Google Ads manager may be able to execute an operation and collect reports and data but cannot understand what the compiled information actually means. They perhaps can’t tell which strategy is working and what needs to be tweaked.

On the other hand, a Google Ads Strategist can understand feedback and analytics. They can further build marketing campaigns on those reports, which a manager might not be able to do. They can come in and adjust the plan accordingly.

Our Google Ads Strategists are also proficient in various tools to help them manage PPC campaigns optimally.

Why choose OrbitWeb for your PPC Management?

We are a team of PPC management strategists with years of experience. We know how to get you in front of your audience at the right time, regardless of your budget.

We believe in harmonizing PPC Campaigns and your website’s on-page SEO. Our strategies are designed to achieve high conversion rates. In addition, we continuously perform ongoing campaign optimizations to deliver the best ROI.

Whether you are running your first Google Ads Campaign or already using Google ads, our team will get together and look to see how your campaigns are performing – we will explore what kinds of opportunities there are for improvement. Contact us today!

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